Every digital project is a product serving a unique set of business goals and user needs

By combining design, technology and product thinking, we helped hundreds of businesses to deliver the true value and potential of their digital product ideas.

Problem well stated is a problem half solved. We help to redefine complex problems simple, and truly design for better human-centered experience using Product Thinking approach.

With expertise across a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, we will bring your web and mobile app idea to life through high-performance coding and solid workflow.

Planning for product vision and roadmap can be challenging. With an eagle-eyed, carefully planned strategic approach we can help you to uncover the full potential of your product ideas.


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JP Morgan Asset Management
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Why You Do Not Want To Skip Wireframes (Not Entirely Anyway)

When it comes to the design process, every step, from conception to finalization, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the end product not only meets the client's expectations but also provides an intuitive and satisfying experience for the user. One step that often gets underrated, or mistakenly skipped, is the creation of wireframes. Some designers view wireframing as an unnecessary step, an additional hallmark on their to-do list that doesn't add much value. However, this perception couldn't be further from the truth.

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Our Journey Finding The Project Management Tool For Our Agency

Steering a project through its tempestuous life cycle, there are few roles as fraught with daily decisions as that of a project manager. I've been navigating this tumultuous domain for over 12 years now, and I can attest that an adept PM's toolkit is as much a part of their success story as the milestones they set and achieve. Project management tools have the potential to be the unsung heroes, the invisible hands that shape visions into reality, energies into results, and teams into coherent, synergistic units.

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The Design Thinking Fatigue: When Innovation Becomes a Corporate Cliché

In recent years, "design thinking" has become a buzzword in the corporate world, advocated as a holistic and innovative approach to problem-solving. However, its application has often led to a paradoxical outcome, with many corporate entities expressing fatigue and frustration with the process.

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Onion Creative have worked on several digital projects for us since joining blueprint and have consistently displayed creativity, flexibility and hard work. A great team!

Henry Bott, Head of Digital Team
Swire Properties Limited

Onion Creative has been a great digital partner. When it comes to digital there are loads of ‘talkers’, but Kelvin goes the extra mile to make things happen. We were looking for a vendor to provide good services and prompt delivery, yet we found a partner whom we can trust and engage for longer term development.

Helen Lo, Manager, Regional Corporate Communications & CR
AXA Asia

Onion Creative has impressed us with their professionalism, their ability to stick to project schedules, and the quality of their work. A highly recommended partner!

Arthur Maitre, E-Commerce Manager
Native Union


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