how we work

Our agile approach

Agile Development methodology is a light weight management framework, that in short, group deliverables into multiple chunks of small releases called sprints.

In nutshell, there will always be complete features ready to be released at the end of each sprint every single time, meanwhile flexible enough to facilitate newly discovered changes crucial to project success along the way.

We pride ourselves on being one of the first digital agencies who has successfully implemented Agile Development. We always work together with clients and users throughout the development, ensuring top product quality, efficient delivery, and highest customer satisfaction.


Project Brief
Project Budgeting


Customer Journey
User Journey
Visual Branding

Every Sprint

Wireframe (UX)
Design Mockup (UI)
Define Deliverables
Testing (UAT)


Sketch is a powerful vector-based and pixel-perfect designs. It is one of the best tools for responsive web design or UI design.

Photoshop is industry standard. It gets photo editing and flawless pixel-based artwork jobs done for our visual branding projects.

Adobe Illustration provides our designers finest grain of control in vector designing and drawing. It's our go to tool for our brand identity work.

Jira provides us a handy and flexible platform to plan all the work process, and to track multiple projects in any phase.

We use slack for effective team communication. It is a mix of email, text messaging and social networks which help the team stay in touch and get the work done quickly.

To get feedback efficiently, we put all the design screens on InVision, so clients and team members can keep a check on the progress, also to make immediate comments on the projects.

We manage all our code base using Git, and Bitbucket is our choice of hosting of our code repositories.

Laravel is know as the "PHP framework for Web Artisans", is now the de-facto choice of PHP framework for Rapid Application Development.

OctoberCMS is like Wordpress on steroid. It's developer friendly and flexibility nature enables us and our clients to do amazing things with content.

Node.js enables developers to create blazing fast asynchronous backend that support millions of users connecting simultaneously with ease.

React.js is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's versatility enables developers to create app like web experience.

Native programming for iOS, using Objective-C and Swift 3. Essential to deliver unique, highly customized features for our iOS projects.

Native development for Android, using popular Java object-oriented programming language. Essential to deliver unique, highly customized features for our Android projects.

Webpack is a build tool that manages and puts all of your assets, including Javascript, images, fonts, and CSS, in a dependency graph.