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Why You Should Start Embracing Strategic Decision-Making Over Meeting Individual Expectations

Why we should embrace strategic decision-making for success over meeting stakeholder expectations, and find balance between individual needs and long-term strategy.

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How Alignment Frameworks Can Help You Solve Complex Problems

As a strategy consultant, we have to understand importance of alignment in problem-solving. Whether it's tackling complex challenges or making critical decisions, alignment among team members is crucial for success. In this article, we will explore why collaborative problem solving workshop (i.e. **Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ)**) can help teams achieve the necessary alignment to solve problems effectively.

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Overcoming Anxiety Working with an Agency on a Digital Project

Embarking on a digital project with an agency partner can be an exciting journey for businesses and organizations. However, it's not uncommon to experience anxiety and frustration during the design process, especially when there is a lack of communication and uncertainty about the project's outcome. In this article, we aim to address these common concerns and provide valuable insights on how to overcome anxiety when working with an agency on a digital project.

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Is 3-click Rule Still Relevant?

It's been over 20 years since the 3-click rule was introduced by Jeffrey Zeldman in his book *Taking Your Talent to the Web: A Guide for the Transitioning Designer*. At the time, there was no clear definition of what user experience design was, and there was no data to support the rule. However, a study by Joshua Porter in 2003 debunked the rule, showing that user dropoff doesn't increase when a task involves more than three clicks, nor does satisfaction decrease.

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Tunnel Vision in User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) design is a field that has become increasingly popular in recent years, as companies recognize the importance of creating products and services that are user-centered and provide positive experiences. However, there is a danger that UX designers may become too focused on creating a beautiful, intuitive interface that they lose sight of the underlying problems that users face. This phenomenon is known as the tunnel vision of UX.

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Why We No Longer Recommend Wordpress

Wordpress is a great CMS, however it’s extension (plugins and themes) ecosystem actually put quite a toll on the platform and site owners. So even when we are building sites for our client Wordpress, we take a very lean approach making sure only the a very limited number of necessary plugins will be used.

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Why We Choose PHP and Laravel as Our Preferred Development Framework? (Part II)

We talked quite a bit about how we see the move as a developer in our previous post. What about users / clients? What does Laravel/PHP mean…

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Why We Choose PHP and Laravel as Our Preferred Development Framework? (Part I )

The majority of our projects @ Onion Creative are product development for startups, or creative / digital marketing campaigns. They usually are more demanding in creative and feature design, yet having more constraints over budget than most development projects. We need to be very cost conscious when we develop the products for our clients.

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