The Background

AXA Asia office, located in Taikoo Place, is a brand new open-working space, which aims to improve communication of the team members, as well as to enhance the efficiency of the use of office space. With the ultra-successful launch of the establishment, AXA Asia gauged us to design and develop a touch panel / kiosk device to facilitate visitors and staff the latest development of the company and AXA community.

The Challenge

As part of the requirement the platform is tasked to curate and serve content from various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram in a fashion that’s familiar and easy to understand.

The design part was rather straight forward. The hard part actually came integrating with almost all popular social networks, which proved to be chaotically challenging as each social network have extremely different structure, restriction and limitations on how users can acquire information from their APIs, with the added complexity that the device will be placed within a highly restricted internal network.

The Approach

We took a design approach to leverage the beautiful 82” screen and the placement of the device, aiming to create an interactive “space” at the same time delivering timely updates.

The device was built using ReactJS and Laravel.

The Result

A beautiful, minimalistic, interactive touch panel device that not only integrates perfectly with the surroundings nicely, but also enhances the workspace by adding depth to the placement of the device through design and the added interactivity.