In collaboration with our good friends @ AnalogFolk

The Background

TP Connect is an app that provides Taikoo Place Apartment tenants with various information on the complex, including facilities such as clubhouse, reading lounge, spas, gyms, laundry facilities and personal concierge. There is concierge service function through the app, which will enable tenants to make requests for various in-house services as well as communicate to concierge directly via the app.

The app will further connect tenants with other collateral services such as dry cleaning, dining and driver services. In addition there is also an opportunity to help provide information about Points of interest to tenants, who are often new to Hong Kong.

The Challenge

Tenants of Taikoo Place Apartment are more often than not coming into Hong Kong for the first time. With limited knowledge and experience to the culture, getting them to be more accustom to the facilitate of TPA as well as the neighborhood is the top priority. The more the tenants are accustom to the surroundings, especially Taikoo Place, the more trust the tenants have towards the service apartment as well as towards the Swire Properties brand.

The Approach

Given the nature of Taikoo Place Apartment as an high-end service apartment service, it is important to keep the platform easy to understand and as seamless as possible especially in the sign up and activation and service request processes. In addition, a great deal of time and effort has been spent to make sure the brand value is be properly delivered throughout the entire user journey.

The Result

A platform that enhances the brand value, trust, and as well concierge service of Taikoo Place Apartment to the next level. It also helps to improve the accessibility of Taikoo Place Apartment concierge service in meet the 24/7 yet cost effective SLA.