Product (UI/UX) Design

Problem well stated is a problem half solved. We help to redefine complex problems simple, and truly design for better human-centered experience using Product Thinking approach.

Product Discovery + User Personas

A user persona is a semi-fictional character based on your current (or ideal) customer. Personas is an integral part of the Product Design process, which helps designers to establish a character which we can emphasize with, allowing us to uncover the underlying needs and challenges and ideate for potential solutions.

User personas can be created by talking to users or product owners segmenting by various demographic and psychographic data to improve your product decisions.

Problem Framing

Problem Framing is a short workshop to help you and your team to identify and pursue the right business opportunities and create a strategy to help you make better business and product decisions

In just one day, your entire stakeholder team will find alignment, gain a shared understanding of the context of a problem (based on data and customer insights), and make informed decisions when and where it matters most. It all starts with learning to frame the problem properly.

Customer journey & experience mapping

As the social aspect of the digital realm growing exponentially over the years, it creates a lot of unexpected risks, and distractions that can affect how a customer is being exposed to a product, a service, or even a brand.

By thoroughly mapped out these touch points, we can examine and carefully manage the emotion of each of these touch and channel them to become business opportunities that meet your business goals.

User journey & information architecture (IA)

Like a good movie, a good user experience requires a grand scheme where readers can connect and anticipate, and be surprised. User journey mapping and information architecture (IA) design are the plots and storyline that the entire user experience can follow through, while keeping the story consistent and easy to follow.


This is when we start to examine and experiment different ideas and designs approaches on paper to make sure that the user experience and usability of your product will be as frictionless and flawless as possible, and that it can really deliver the result to meet the your business goals.

Prototyping & user testing

An idea without examination is just one’s assumption, and only through testing with real users can prove if the idea truly works. We can create an interactive prototype where you can test with the users.

UI design

From the findings and foundation from the Visual branding process, plus the thoroughly examined user experience design, we now have everything — from concept, strategies, structure to brand identity — to put together a refreshing, vibrant and engaging user interface design that fully deliver the brand character at the same time truly a joy to use.

Technical Discovery

Product (UI/UX) design while good on paper, but without broader understanding of your technology challenges and needs as well it could become disconnected and lack of practicality sometimes.

By taking a deeper look at your existing technology ecosystem, we will help to design the technical approach/strategy that’s most practical and efficient to seamlessly integrate with your operation, tools and infrastructure.


Sketch is a powerful vector-based and pixel-perfect designs. It is one of the best tools for responsive web design or UI design.

Jira provides us a handy and flexible platform to plan all the work process, and to track multiple projects in any phase.

We use slack for effective team communication. It is a mix of email, text messaging and social networks which help the team stay in touch and get the work done quickly.

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.

Powerful design systems ... Increase design consistency with searchable assets and shareable styles in one home—centralized and accessible to your entire company.