The Brief

AnyWorkspace is an innovative tech startup based in Hong Kong. They offer a highly personalized service for any business to find quality workspaces for both short-term and long-term use.

The Challenge

Although the operation is similar to Airbnb, AnyWorkspace not only offer daily booking of flexible workspaces, it also need to facilitate users to book multiple workspaces, where each booking may have a very different requirement, such as amenities, as well as booking by the hour. This flexibility proves visual design and UX extremely challenging.

The Approach

The entire Customer Experience and UX have been completely rethought to facilitate the added flexibility of the platform, which on one side easy to register as a space provider , but at the same time provide enough flexibility for users to book a space that they can optimize their productivity, and their time.

The Result

The platform launched in Hong Kong in 2015, and was quickly expanded to many other Asia-Pacific markets, such as Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney and Seoul, etc. with a huge success.